March, 2020

Surveillance Nation: Inside Modi Govt’s Plan To Monitor Every Indian




Srinivas Kodali

Editorial Support

Nitin Sethi

Video Production

The government is setting up building blocks of a project that, in the garb of welfare programs, can lead to tracking of all 1.3 billion citizens from cradle to grave. Every bit of our lives will be linked, recorded and monitored


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March 17, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Documents Show Modi Govt Building 360 Degree Database To Track Every Indian

Documents obtained under RTI show the govt is planning to use Aadhaar to automatically track every single Indian – from who they marry, address changes, financial status – through the National Social Registry


March 19, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Telangana Offered Its Own 360 Degree Citizen Tracking System To Modi Govt

After the Supreme Court restricted the use of Aadhaar, documents show the Telangana government offered to help the Union govt build an intrusive citizen database modelled on the state's Samagram system
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