With Aadhaar a Must for Receiving Free Nutrition, Millions of Children at Risk

Under India’s Supplementary Nutrition Programme, anganwadis provide nutritious food to millions of children under 6 years of age. But the Union government’s decision to make Aadhaar a must for the scheme could close the door on millions.

Video Credits

Reporter: Tapasya
Producer: Pawanjot Kaur

Not 105, Only 19 Parties Got Electoral Bonds; BJP Pockets 67.8% in 3 Years

An #investigation conducted by #TheReportersCollective for The Quint has found that only 19 political parties have received funds from #ElectoralBonds, an instrument introduced in 2018 through which anyone can anonymously donate money to political parties.

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The Quint in collaboration with The Reporters' Collective.

RBI papers: How Modi government gave the RBI autonomy and tried to take it back

The Reporters’ Collective investigation reveals Modi government’s attempts to make inroads into the RBI and nibble away its independence in setting the country’s monetary policy. Somesh Jha of The Collective tells you how the Modi government that brought in the independent monetary policy framework defeated its key goals of transparency and accountability, and broke down the firewalls shielding RBI from political interference.

Video Credits

Video Editing, Motion Graphics and Production Design: Asad Ali and Pawanjot Kaur
Script: Somesh Jha
Reporting: Somesh Jha

Eyeball Politics: How Facebook Gave BJP a Leg-Up

The Reporters' Collective's member Kumar Sambhav and's Nayantara Ranganathan summarise the year-long probe into political advertisements on Facebook. We investigated more than 5 lakh political advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to assess the influence of Facebook on election campaigns in India. We found evidence that the social media giant's policies and algorithm systematically undercut political competition in the world's largest democracy by giving unfair advantage to BJP.

Video Credits

Camera: Richard Kujur & Jessica Goel
Video Editing & Motion Graphics: Richard Kujur
Production & Video Design: Pawanjot Kaur
Script: Somesh Jha & Pawanjot Kaur
Reporting: Kumar Sambhav, Nayantara Ranganathan & Shreegireesh Jalihal

Exclusive: How Centre's Opaque Pulse Milling Auctions Helped Millers Rip Off Govt Coffers

Shreegireesh Jalihal and Nitin Sethi, members of The Reporters' Collective, talk about Modi government's new opaque pulse auction regime with senior broadcast journalist Hridayesh Joshi.The Collective found that the auction method used to mill pulses under welfare schemes for poor and armed forces allowed millers to make unchecked profits for years, hammering the public exchequer and the quality of pulses supplied.

Video Credits

Video Director and Anchor: Hridayesh Joshi
Video Editor: Amrit Raj
Reporters: Shreegireesh Jalihal, Nitin Sethi

Indian Govt Sold Citizens' Vehicle Registration Details To Private Firm, Despite Objection

The union government, in 2014, sold off a copy of the entire database of India's vehicle registration details to a Delhi-based company that developed an entire business model out of selling solutions based on this data.

Multiple officials within the ministry raised several objections over the fact that the deal went ahead without any price discovery mechanisms in place, effectively selling off citizen data for cheap to the firm. The Reporters’ Collective investigated the truth behind the matter.

Video Credits

Video Production: The Logical Indian
Reporter: Shreegireesh Jalihal

कोरोना: सरकारी दावों का सच पार्ट-1 रिपोर्टर्स कलेक्टिव की खोजी रिपोर्ट

सरकार ने देश पर थोपी गयी लॉकडाउन के बारे में जनता को क्या नहीं बताया? कोरोना पर हमारी खोजी ख़बरों की कड़ी का ये पहला भाग सरकारी दस्तावेजों के आधार पर सरकार के झूठे दावों का खुलासा करता है।

Video Credits

Director and Anchor: Hridayesh Joshi
Editor: Amrit Raj
Reporters: Nitin Sethi and Kumar Sambhav

कोरोना: सरकारी दावों का सच (सीरीज़-2, पार्ट-1)

मोदी सरकार ने देश में लॉकडाउन लगाते वक़्त सरकार की सबसे बड़ी मेडिकल रिसर्च बॉडी ICMR की सलाह को अनदेखा किया ये बात हमने अपनी पड़ताल में आपको बताई थी। लेकिन क्या आपको पता है कि सरकार जब लॉकडाउन हटा रही है तब भी वह उन नियमों का पालन नहीं कर रही जो उसके आला वैज्ञानिकों और पब्लिक हेल्थ एक्सपर्ट्स ने सुझाये हैं। जानकारों का कहना है कि इस तरह से उठाये जा रहे कदमों से कोरोना के मरीज़ों की संख्या का ग्राफ फिर उछल सकता है। देखिये रिपोर्टर्स कलेक्टिविक की नई पड़ताल में हमें क्या पता चला है?

Video Credits

Director and Anchor: Hridayesh Joshi
Editor: Amrit Raj
Reporters: Mridula Chari and Nitin Sethi

Gujarat's Grim Truth: The state suffered more 2.8 lakh excess deaths during pandemic.

Over three months The Reporters' Collective reviewed thousands of pages of  death registers from Gujarat municipalities. In these registers the passing away of people is first recorded by citizens. Unlike the government, these records do not lie. An analysis of the data in register shows more than 2.8 lakh excess deaths have occurred in the state during the pandemic. But, the state government claims only 10,075 people have died due to Covid-19. Meticulous analysis coupled with investigations on ground reveal the level of grief that Gujarat's people have suffered. Many of these lives could have been saved.

Video Credits

Production: Pawanjot Kaur
Narration: Somesh Jha
Reporters: Shreegireesh Jalihal, Tapasya and Nitin Sethi

कोरोना: सरकारी दावों का सच पार्ट-2 रिपोर्टर्स कलेक्टिव की खोजी रिपोर्ट

जानिए मोदी सरकार कैसे कोरोना पर अपने वैज्ञानिकों और विशेषज्ञों की राय को एक महीने से ऊपर तक अनदेखा करती रही. और इस वजह से महामारी के तीन महीने गुज़र जाने के बाद भी सरकार के पास न तो कोरोना की टेस्टिंग और मॉनिटरिंग की रणनीति थी न ही पर्याप्त मेडिकल इक्विपमेंट्स। वैज्ञानिकों ने बंद कमरे में हुई मीटिंग में ये माना की लॉकडाउन  की वजह से लोग कोरोना के लक्षण होने के बावजूद भी अस्पतालों में टेस्टिंग के लिए नहीं जा पा रहे थे.

Video Credits

Director and Anchor: Hridayesh Joshi
Editor: Amrit Raj
Reporters: Nitin Sethi and Kumar Sambhav

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