Who we are

The Reporters' Collective is a non-profit Indian media collaborative that carries out investigative journalism. We formally began work in 2021. We are a tiny group of like-minded people. But our work packs a punch. We collaborate with other news organisations to publish our investigations simultaneously in Indian languages.

What we do

The Collective focuses on high-quality reporting and investigations that offer citizens a deeper understanding of India's political economy and governance. Instead of just reporting on victims, The Collective aims to uncover the root causes of misgovernance and its impact on citizens. 

Our Values

We provide exclusive investigative journalistic work, backed by solid documented evidence, and rigorously fact-checked. Our members fearlessly report the truth about those in positions of power, governance, and policy-making, providing new information and knowledge.

Our Funding

We rely on donations from Indian citizens who value good reportage and can afford to support it for themselves, as well as for those who cannot. The government or advertisers have zero influence over the work we do because we are solely funded by the public. 

Open positions

Position: IT Associate
Nature of Job:
Part Time. Annual Retainer (renewable)
Negotiable based on Experience and weekly hours contracted. This is a part-time assignment. 

About the position
Our website and microsites run on Webflow, Make (Integromat) and Airtable.  We are looking for a no-code developer who can manage, tweak and improve the front and backend of our websites, and handle basic IT operations. 

To apply, you must be skilled in website design and development, database management, automation and scalability of systems, and must have an expertise in using tools such as Webflow,  Integromat (Make) and Airtable. 

What does a working cycle look like on retainer with the Collective.

  1. We produce on an average two investigations a month. Once our partners publish them in various languages we host them on our website along with some other elements, such as a blog, a newsletter or a video story. We also occasionally publish some original reportage on our website. You would be expected to ensure these elements are aesthetically hosted on our website when they are ready to publish. 
  2. We have a separate microsite, The Wall of Grief. We host data and information on deaths and issues around the Covid-19 pandemic here. The site is developed using Webflow, Integromat (Make) and Airtable. The site gets small updates on a fortnightly basis. You would be expected to maintain, update and improve this website.
  3. We collect donations for the Collective through Razorpay on the website and publish a newsletter through Sendinblue when we are ready with a new investigation. You would be expected to maintain, monitor and supervise these.     

Eligibility Criteria

Master’s/ Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology
Minimum 2  years of experience as a no-code developer or in maintaining IT tools and products for news media.
Expertise and experience in working with the following tools: Airtable, Airtable APIs, Webflow, Webflow CMS, Airtable-Webflow integration tools such as Integromat (Make).
Experience in User Experience Optimization and Search Engine Optimization and basic knowledge of analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

The Reporters' Collective is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of caste, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race or class. Candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

To Apply:
Please fill up this form and submit it along with CV.

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