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Gujarat's Grim Truth: The state suffered more 2.8 lakh excess deaths during pandemic.

Over three months The Reporters' Collective reviewed thousands of pages of  death registers from Gujarat municipalities. In these registers the passing away of people is first recorded by citizens. Unlike the government, these records do not lie. An analysis of the data in register shows more than 2.8 lakh excess deaths have occurred in the state during the pandemic. But, the state government claims only 10,075 people have died due to Covid-19. Meticulous analysis coupled with investigations on ground reveal the level of grief that Gujarat's people have suffered. Many of these lives could have been saved.

Video Credits

Production: Pawanjot Kaur
Narration: Somesh Jha
Reporters: Shreegireesh Jalihal, Tapasya and Nitin Sethi

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