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Eyeball Politics: How Facebook Gave BJP a Leg-Up

The Reporters' Collective's member Kumar Sambhav and's Nayantara Ranganathan summarise the year-long probe into political advertisements on Facebook. We investigated more than 5 lakh political advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to assess the influence of Facebook on election campaigns in India. We found evidence that the social media giant's policies and algorithm systematically undercut political competition in the world's largest democracy by giving unfair advantage to BJP.

Video Credits

Camera: Richard Kujur & Jessica Goel
Video Editing & Motion Graphics: Richard Kujur
Production & Video Design: Pawanjot Kaur
Script: Somesh Jha & Pawanjot Kaur
Reporting: Kumar Sambhav, Nayantara Ranganathan & Shreegireesh Jalihal

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