Mayank Aggarwal

Mayank Aggarwal is a journalist with about 18 years of experience and trustee of The Reporters’ Collective Trust. A Pulitzer Grantee, Mayank produces journalism in all three formats, print, multimedia and audio. His writing and reportage are focused on the intersections of environment, business, climate change, technology and development. He has worked previously at the UK-based The Independent, Mint, Mongabay-India, DNA, The Statesman and IANS. His work has been published, reprinted and hosted by media organisations in and outside India. Alongside, Mayank is a media trainer and journalism community mentor working independently with several organisations.




January 2022

Pandemic Found Them, Compensation May Not

Through death register data obtained from across the country, The Reporters’ Collective estimates that in the pandemic 3,59,496 more people died than in a normal year in just 3 states where officially only 28,609 died of Covid. Experts fear relatives of thousands of Covid-19 victims will be excluded from compensation due to lack of medical records, poor testing and red-tape despite the Centre initiating compensation procedure on the instructions of the Supreme Court.

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