Angana Chakrabarti

Angana Chakrabarti is an independent multimedia journalist based out of Guwahati. She primarily covers the Northeast region, focusing on the domains of politics, policy, human rights, crime, and environment. She has written for AlJazeera, FiftyTwo, and IndiaSpend. In 2022, she won the RedInk award for her report on the vandalism of mosques in Tripura. Prior to becoming a freelancer, she worked with ThePrint and News18.




October 2023

In Manipur ethnic conflict, social media warriors fight to win battle of narratives

Who had access to internet during the Manipur conflict when the state shut it off for ordinary citizens? And what did they use it for? A war on social media. Concerted campaigns. Hackers on hire. And angry citizens. We report on the battle of information, disinformation and hate from Manipur. We teamed up with tech experts to analyse hundreds of thousands of social media messages to understand the conflict running online.


October 2023

मणिपुर की जातीय हिंसा में सोशल मीडिया पर छिड़ी नैरेटिव की जंग

महीनों से चल रहे इस जातीय संघर्ष में सोशल मीडिया पर अपने-अपने समुदायों का पक्ष रखने और "दूसरे" को नीचा दिखाने की होड़ लगी है।

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