April, 2020

How The Government Botched Its Covid-19 Response




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Shreya Shrivastava

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Hridayesh Joshi, Amrit Raj

Government documents and internal meeting records show its experts warned that a country-wide lockdown would only delay the pandemic not control it. The government repeatedly ignored experts' warnings and did not put in place key protocols even after a month into the lockdown


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April 23, 2020

Govt Knew Lockdown Would Delay, Not Control Pandemic

“Absent any other control measure, lifting lockdown would allow a resurgence of transmission:” India’s top medical-research body told the government in the first week of April. Two weeks into the lockdown, the measures were still not in place


April 24, 2020

Frustration In National Covid-19 Task Force Over Govt Inaction

Despite prior warnings from its scientists in late February, India’s government did not put in place a testing and surveillance strategy against the Covid-19 outbreak till end March, by which time its own medical experts expressed frustration at the inaction
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