Why the proposed fake news law is more about censorship and less about truth

Published on
January 20, 2023

RTI exposes fraudulent fact-check mechanism by Press Information Bureau, which could now be used by government to taken down critical news reports.

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The Modi government now intends to use 'Fact Check' by the Press Information Bureau to pull down news reports it thinks are fake. A government agency could now decide which news reports should and shouldn’t be on the internet. So, when the bureau, which could soon be the arbiter of truth, stamped one of the stories The Collective had investigated as fake, we decided to investigate what due diligence the PIB really follows in ascertaining if a story is fake. RTI exposes the government's fraudulent fact-check mechanism that mirrors Orwellian ministry of truth.

Read the article published in The Wire English, Hindi and Urdu.

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